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Adding Fractions 1 (Same Denominator)Solutions
Adding Fractions 2 (Different Denominator)Solutions
Adding Fractions 3 (Mixed Numbers)Solutions
Algebra: Collecting Like Terms 1Solutions
Algebra: Collecting Like Terms 2Solutions
Algebra: Expanding Brackets 1Solutions
Algebra: FactorisingSolutions
Algebra: Simplifying 1Solutions
Algebra: Simplifying 2Solutions
Best BuySolutions
Cubes and Cube RootsSolutions
Distance ChartsSolutions
Dividing Decimals by DecimalsSolutions
Dividing Decimals by Whole NumbersSolutions
Dividing Decimals by 10, 100, 1000Solutions
Dividing Fractions 1Solutions
Dividing Whole Numbers by 10, 100, 1000Solutions
Equations 1Solutions
Equations 2Solutions
Equations 3Solutions
Equations 4Solutions
Equations 5Solutions
Equivalent Fractions 1Solutions
Equivalent Fractions 2Solutions
Factors and MultiplesSolutions
Fractions and Decimals 1Solutions
Fractions and Decimals 2Solutions
Fractions: All Four OperationsSolutions
Fractions: Harder Word ProblemsSolutions
Fractions of an Amount 1Solutions
Fractions of an Amount 2Solutions
Fractions to PercentagesSolutions
Fractions: Improper Fractions to Mixed NumbersSolutions
Fractions: Mixed Numbers to Improper FractionsSolutions
Fractions: Word ProblemsSolutions
HCF and LCMSolutions
HCF & LCM Real Life QuestionsSolutions
Indices: The BasicsSolutions
Indices: FractionalSolutions
Indices: NegativeSolutions
Metric Units: LengthsSolutions
Metric Units: Mass & CapacitySolutions
Metric & Imperial Units: km and milesSolutions
Metric & Imperial Units: Pints, Litres & GallonsSolutions
Money Word ProblemsSolutions
Multiplying Decimals by 10, 100, 1000Solutions
Multiplying Decimals by DecimalsSolutions
Multiplying Decimals by Whole NumbersSolutions
Multiplying Fractions 1Solutions
Multiplying Fractions 2Solutions
Multiplying Whole Numbers (2 digits by 2 digits)Solutions
Multiplying Whole Numbers by 10, 100, 1000Solutions
Negative Numbers: Add, Subtract, Multiply & DivideSolutions
Negative Numbers: Adding & SubtractingSolutions
Negative Numbers: Multiplying & DividingSolutions
Negative Numbers: Ordering NumbersSolutions
Negative Numbers: The BasicsSolutions
Order of Operations 1Solutions
Order of Operations 2Solutions
Ordering DecimalsSolutions
Percentages of Quantities 1 Multiples of 10%Solutions
Percentages of Quantities 2 Multiples of 5%Solutions
Percentages: One Quantity as a Percentage of AnotherSolutions
Percentages to DecimalsSolutions
Percentages to FractionsSolutions
Percentages: Word Problems (Basic)Solutions
Percentages: Word Problems (Basic) 2Solutions
Prime NumbersSolutions
Probability: The BasicsSolutions
Proportion: Unitary MethodSolutions
Ratio: Sharing in a Given RatioSolutions
Ratio: Simplifying RatiosSolutions
Rounding: Decimal PlacesSolutions
Rounding: Nearest Ten, Nearest HundredSolutions
Rounding: One Significant FigureSolutions
Rounding: 2 & 3 Significant FiguresSolutions
Sequences 1Solutions
Sequences 2Solutions
Sequences 3: nth termSolutions
Simplifying Fractions 1Solutions
Squares and Square RootsSolutions
Standard Form: The BasicsSolutions
Standard Form: Multiplying & DividingSolutions
Substitution 1Solutions
Substitution 2Solutions
Substitution 3Solutions
Subtracting Fractions 1 (Same Denominator)Solutions
Subtracting Fractions: Different DenominatorSolutions
Subtracting Fractions 3 (Mixed Numbers)Solutions
Time IntervalsSolutions
Timetables: Reading a Bus TimetableSolutions
Timetables: Reading a Train TimetableSolutions


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