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Up to date with the 2018 WJEC Specification

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Up to date with the 2018 WJEC Specification

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Yes, all up to date with that new 2018 WJEC Specification


Students in Wales are entered for two different mathematics GCSEs.

The first one is GCSE Mathematics Numeracy. This assesses ‘everyday life’ mathematics. It is ‘useful’ maths that you will need when you leave school such as booking holidays and working out discounts in shops. The questions can be quite wordy so it is important to practise as many past paper style questions as you can.

The second exam is the more traditional, procedural Mathematics GCSE. This is more skills based and gives you the maths that you need to progress with your studies should you wish to have a career in science or engineering for example.

You will need to sit four different mathematics exams altogether, as each of the two qualifications consists of two exams. Both unit 1s are non-calculator and both unit 2s are calculator allowed exams.

If you are interested, the Specifications are here for Numeracy and for Mathematics.

On this website you will find lots of past papers for both GCSEs that you can work through together with prepared solutions. We have also included topic booklets, again with solutions, so that you can concentrate on the topics that you need to focus on. Printing these off and working through them will provide you with targeted revision. They are ALL WJEC questions so this really is the best preparation that you could do. Good luck!


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