The specification changed in 2017 so you will need to be careful when you are doing past papers as many websites use old legacy papers that are very different.  For example, many of the topics in legacy M1 are no longer examined at AS (eg you don’t need to resolve forces until A2 now) so please seek your teacher’s guidance if you are unsure as you don’t want to waste your efforts. All of the papers below are ‘bang on’. If you do these and the topic booklets that we have created you should be all set. Also do consider buying the Stephen Doyle books (in the links on the right) as they have been written especially for your exams. The explanations are clear and I really like the practice tests books. A graphic calculator is essential. I recommended the one I use on the right. It is a sound investment – brilliant for integration, all of your statistical distributions, graph sketching, functions and loads, loads more.

Here we have included the new WJEC sample papers and we have created exclusive MathsDIY mock exam papers based (as far as possible) on WJEC 2018 legacy papers.  Extra questions have been added to these mock exams to ensure all topics are included. We hope you will find these excellent preparation. We’ve also included the Summer 2018 WJEC new specification exams and your teachers will probably use the 2019 ones as your mocks.

We recommend that you complete the topic booklets that we have carefully prepared for you as they match the new specification. Good luck! 


This is the calculator that I use and recommend for all my A Level students.


AS Level